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I am not competent to talk about the financial realities of running an Office. It may well be that the BCF can't afford to maintain one. Farming the job out - I gather "outsourcing" is the correct word - must indeed be considered if it could work out cheaper. A BCF Director is said to be interested in the job, should the BCF decide to take that course. This makes it all the more important to put it out to competitive tender, and the Management Board's decision to do so was entirely appropriate.
     I can't say the same for its handling of the Website allocation. 1000 a year (plus charges) wouldn't buy you much of an office, but it's a lot of money for a website. This is not a comment on the current BCF site; what I question is the manner of the Board's decision. It was natural, in June, to accept a Director's offer to take over on a provisional (unpaid) basis with a review in November. It was less natural to do nothing in the meantime with 1000 on offer, leaving a choice - ten minutes before the November guillotine - between a BCF Director and nothing at all. It doesn't look right, and I don't believe the Board would have placed itself in this position if it had thought things through.

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