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updated 6.7.04


We leave these notes for completeness' sake. The AGM 19.6.04 decided that the 2003-4 Jamborees would not be held.

You will know that Bruce Birchall, SCCU Junior Organiser, had set the date as Sunday 29th February 2004. Unfortunately Bruce has had further diabetes-related trouble with his foot, which put him out of commission for several weeks and made the February date impossible. He is quite recently emerged from hospital and now has a Hertfordshire venue in mind. But he needs to make contact with team managers in order to arrange a suitable date.

Bruce's contact list may be out of date and there could be potential teams which he is unaware of. Accordingly any organiser interested in entering one or more teams is asked to contact Bruce at bhbirchall@hotmail.com (tel 0207 792 8031). There will be both Open and Girls events, most likely at two or three different age levels according to demand.

We repeat a note that Bruce published in September:
Please note that for the first time there will be an entry fee equal to 1.50 per player, as in the adult U180 and U135 Jamborees. It is felt that this is modest compared to the cost of a 1-day rapidplay, a junior congress or a National Youth Chess Association Jamboree and should not deter entries.

Note 10.5.04
Little progress has been made, and Bruce is due back in hospital any time. It is possible the events will be postponed to September, or simply cancelled. However, we are looking at dates at Coulsdon for later this term.