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Posted: 25 May 2018

New Data Protection Regulations come into force on 25th May 2018. You can find our about how the SCCU processes personal information in our Privacy Policy.

The Union is committed to processing personal information lawfully, fairly and transparently by authorised people in a secure way. In doing so the Union ensures that It is collected and processed for specific purposes, is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary to run the Union and its chess activities, is accurate and up-to-date and is kept for no longer than is necessary.

SCCU County Championships

Posted: 27 March 2018

The final matches were completed this weekend and the winners in each of the sections are:

SCCU DivisionGradeWinner
Montague Jonesu180Middlesex
Harry Woolverton u120Middlesex
David Smithu100Surrey

SCCU nominations for the ECF National Finals are:

ECF DivisionTeam 1Team 2Team 3
Minor CountiesSurrey--

Dates for the ECF National Finals are

  • 28th April* Preliminary Round (if required)
  • 12th May* Quarter Finals – Open, Minor Counties, U160 and U120
  • 19th May* Quarter Finals – U180, U140 and U100
  • 09th June* Semi Finals
  • 07th July Finals

*by mutual agreement matches can be played on the following Sunday or before the specified dates

The draw is expected to be made later this week once the National Controller has obtained nominations for vacant places.

For further information: ECF County Championships

FIDE Laws of Chess - Jan 2018

Posted: 1 January 2018

The new FIDE Laws come into force today. The regulation on illegal moves is made common across standard, rapid and blitz games.

Competition Rules: "7.5.5 After the action taken under Article 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.5.3 or 7.5.4 for the first completed illegal move by a player, the arbiter shall give two minutes extra time to his opponent; for the second completed illegal move by the same player the arbiter shall declare the game lost by this player. However, the game is drawn if the position is such that the opponent cannot checkmate the player’s king by any possible series of legal moves."

Appendix B. Blitz: "B.2 The penalties mentioned in Articles 7 and 9 of the Competition Rules shall be one minute instead of two minutes."

See FIDE Handbook, section E.01

Report on the 125th Anniversary Match

Posted: 25 September 2017

One hundred and thirty five players assembled at the Hall School on Saturday16th September to celebrate the Southern Counties Chess Union’s 125th anniversary of organising chess in the South of England.

Proceedings opened with SCCU President, Julie Denning, welcoming the assembly of Past Presidents and players, and continued by remarking on the longevity and success of County Chess in the Southern Union spanning the length of the River Thames and beyond; and which, at greatest extent, comprised Cornwall on the West coast through to Norfolk on the East coast.

Opening move

The match itself began shortly after 1:45pm with Life Vice President Martin Cath making the opening move on the board of the top rated players, IM Richard Bates (South of the Thames) and GM Jonathan Hawkins (North of the Thames). South had won the toss and took White on odd numbered boards.

In a surprise twist to proceedings the eight attending current and past SCCU Presidents were paired in a North v South mini-match. Tim Thurston, David Smith, Chris Majer and Ron Brown for the North had the grading advantage over David Sedgwick, Julie Denning, Mike Gunn and David Howes for the South. However, it was the South Presidents who prevailed with David Howes gaining the only decisive result by converting his rook and pawn ending on the stroke of 5:30pm.

Formally representing their counties were Ian Hunnable, President of Essex Chess Association, Chris Majer, President of Hertfordshire Chess Association and John Wickham, Chairman of the Norfolk Association.

Chess players from 15 past and present SCCU counties took part in the event, spanning the South of England from Devon to Norfolk. Oxfordshire and Berkshire representatives were reassigned to team South to even out the numbers. Middlesex and Surrey not surprisingly provided the largest contingents as they did back in 1921. It was Norfolk however that had the best county performance among the counties with multiple representatives with a 75% success rate. You can view the results by County as the match happened but here is my overview.

Playing area

John McDonald scored the first win of the match as early as 2:23pm, which gave team North an early initiative as their lead fluctuated between 1 and 2 points. Graham Alcock and David Gilbert did the double over Essex at 3:40pm to clear the deficit and may even have held the lead for a moment depending on the order of finishes for the 3 results reported at this time. Within minutes Essex had struck back to take the lead again through U180 match skip, Gavin Hughes. Once again team North’s lead fluctuated between 1 and 2 points before Efe Shimwell a talented blind junior levelled the scores once more for Team South at 3:55pm. Parity restored but again short lived.

For the rest of the afternoon team North held the ascendency (the Presidents match aside) and by mid afternoon after 3 hours play had established their biggest lead of 8 points with just over half the results in.

The first Guideline 111.4 switch to 5 second increments occurred at 4:20pm with IM Jack Rudd, all the way from Somerset, living up to his Speedy Gonzales reputation, forcing his opponent, Carsten Pedersen, onto increments.

By 5:30pm there were still 25% of games still in play, a sign of the competitiveness of the match notwithstanding the festive atmosphere.

With just under 4 hours play Team South had narrowed the gap to a deficit of two with 6 games outstanding and going down to the wire. Team North though held its nerve with Essex’s blind player Voldi Gailans sealing the win to take North to the cusp of victory, 4 up with 4 to play going into the final minutes of the match. A draw sealed the match for Team North who also scored two further wins though it was Team South that won the final game of the day to finish just 5 points adrift. Final score 36½ - 31½. Average team grades: North 147 and South 148.

Matches over a large number of boards are few and far between, as are matches that are representative of all ages and abilities, as this one was. My inspiration for the event was the 400 board 1921 SCCU North v South of the River Thames match. The South had the better of the top 200 boards but the strength in depth of the North side led to a significant winning margin of 217½ to 182½. Anthony Fulton has taken a look back into time to provide the historical context for and a report of the 1921 match taken from the Middlesex County archives along with the individual scores.

As skipper for the South, Mike Gunn, quipped at least the gap has been narrowed!

For me the highlight of the day was walking into The Swiss Cottage public house, a somewhat large and sprawling establishment, at the end of a long day to find chess players everywhere at home with old and new friends alike. There is more to chess.

Mark Murrell
Tournament Directo


  • The Hall School for hosting the event free of charge
  • Hertfordshire Junior Chess Association for supplying the equipment
  • David Sedgwick for supplying the score sheets and liaising with the English Chess Arbiters’ Association
  • Angela Eyton and her team for unrivalled catering throughout the match
  • Michael Flatt for superb coverage on the SCCU website and match operations
  • Julie Denning, David Smith, David Sedgwick and Stewart Reuben for their detective work in locating and contacting past presidents.
  • Anthony Fulton of Middlesex County Chess Association for providing the historical context for the match and the detail of North v South 1921
  • Brendan O’Gorman for a gallery of photographs capturing the vibrancy of the event perfectly
  • Match Captains, Mike Gunn and Chris Majer, and their county recruiters that I know about, Anthony Fulton, the Essex Chess Association match captains, Owen Phillips and David Gilbert.
  • Arbiters, Stewart Reuben and Rik Thomas
  • Appeals Panel pool: IM Jack Rudd, Francis Bowers, Owen Phillips, Anthony Fulton and Michael Flatt
  • 135 Participants: for not only supporting this celebratory historical event but providing a competitive and dispute free match truly worthy of the occasion
  • 53rd Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Congress - Results

    Posted: 3 September 2017

    The 53rd Berks and Bucks Congress took place at St Piran's Prep School, Maidenhead, on Bank Holiday weekend, 26th-28th August 2017.

    Championship (22 players)
    1st= Freddie Hand, Giampiero Amato (4½/6); 3rd= Olugbemiga (Ben) Ogunshola, Stephen Prior, John Wager (4/6)

    Challengers (19 players)
    1st Daniel Varney (5/6); 2nd Peter Finn (4½/6); 3rd= Joshua Z Cavendish, Jonathan Fowler, Raghav Nayak (4/6)

    Reserves A (18 players)
    1st= Michael Lucey, Lance Carter, Peter Tickner (4½/6)

    Reserves B (19 players)
    1st Ben Aubury (5½/6); 2nd= Scott Leadbetter, Tim Cutter, Mark Stone (4/6)

    Reserves C (18 players)
    1st= Nandinee Thatte, Feng Zhu (4½/6); 2nd= Georgia Headlong, Andrew Challinger, Hou Ning Zhu, Nigel White (4/6)

    48th Thanet Congress - Results

    Posted: 22.August.2017

    The 48th Thanet Congress, incorporating SCCU and Kent Championships, took place at Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs, on 18th-20th August 2017.

    Prizes were presented by Mr John Couzens (Gullbusters) who was a sponsor of the congress and player.

    The sale of second-hand books donated by players raised £101.81 on behalf of Pilgrims Hospice, a charity that provides specialist care in East Kent.

    Open (12 players)
    1st IM Alan Merry (4/5); 2nd IM Richard Bates (3½/5); 3rd= FM Martin Taylor, Benjamin Spink (3/5)
    U180 grading prize: Kevin Bowmer (2½/5)

    Challengers (19 players)
    1st John Atherton (4½/5); 2nd= Andrew Waters, John Lewin, Stephen Appleby (3½/5)

    Major (16 players)
    1st= Peter McGill, David Heath (4/5); 3rd= Peter Childs, Edward Gray (3½/5)

    Intermediate (22 players)
    1st= Paul Arnold, Peter Dirmauskas (4/5); 3rd= William Stock, Timothy Allen, David Orr (3½/5)

    Minor (32 players)
    1st Anthony Holdstock (4½/5); 2nd Michael Dean (4/5); 3rd= Mark Towlson, Reginald Pidduck, Michael Burney-Cumming, Colin Gardiner, Alex Garfield, Andrew Laurillard (3½/5)

    Titles and Trophies
    SCCU Championship - Glenroy Cup: IM Richard Bates (Hackney)

    Kent Championship: FM Martin Taylor (Rainham)

    Oyster Shield*: Reg Pidduck (Broadstairs)
    *Best Senior (aged 60+) from Thanet in Intermediate and Minor

    A selection of games from the Congress is available on Broadstairs Chess Club website:

    Hertfordshire Congress 2017 is Cancelled

    Posted: 21.August.2017

    It is disappointing to have to announce the cancellation of Hertfordshire Congress, which normally takes place on the second weekend of November. This is due to loss of the regular venue and difficulty in finding a suitable replacement.

    The organisers, Hertfordshire Chess Association, very much appreciate the support of the very loyal players who have participated over the last five years in the congress at County Hall, Hertford. The Congress are hopeful of finding a new home and to return next year.

    Nearby St Albans Congress, organised by St Albans Chess Club, will take place as usual at St Columba's College on 14th-15th April 2018, two weeks after Easter.

    The Weald Congress and SCCU Championship - Results

    Posted: 17.July.2017

    The 11th Weald Congress, incorporating the SCCU Individual Championship 2016/17, took place at Copthorne Preparatory School, East Sussex, on 15th-16th July 2017.

    Weald Open, SCCU Championship and Glenroy Trophy
    Joint Winners: GM Nick Pert and IM Richard Bates

    Open (32 players)

    1st= GM Nick Pert, IM Richard Bates (4½/5) - SCCU Joint Champions + Glenroy Trophy (shared)
    3rd= Krzysztof Jamroz, Matthew Payne (4/5) - both awarded British Championship Qualification Places
    Grading Prizes: Gorak Rajesh, Dominic Miller, Calum Salmons, Will Graham, Mikolaj Rogacewicz, Oli Howell

    U175 Major (20 players)

    1st Viktor Jamroz (4/5)
    2nd= Paul Kelly, Scott Borland, Owen Phillips, Laurence Butt (3½/5)
    Grading Prizes: Freddie Coleman, Alec Hedger, Lucy Bennet-Stevens, Peter Horlock

    U140 Intermediate (27 players)

    1st Jake Hurley (4½/5)
    2nd= Edward Gray, Jonathan Britnell, Max Bennett (4/5)
    Grading Prizes: William Stock, Alex Miller, Mike Spence, Susan Chadwick, Callum Vyse, Timmy Hedger

    U110 Minor (36 players)

    1st= William Ellinger, Hou Ning Zhu, Max Wilton, Colin Gardiner (4/5)
    Grading Prizes: Laura Borland, Patrice Tournier, Henry Adams

    Sussex Junior Championships

    U18 George Self Cup: Callum Brewer
    U14 Brian Denman Cup: Calum Salmons
    Girls Anne Gammans Cup: Lucy Bennet-Stevens

    For full results, cross-tables and photographs see Weald Congress website:

    SCCU 125th Anniversary Chess Match

    North of the Thames v South of the Thames
    on Saturday 16
    th September 2017, 1.00pm to 6.00pm

    Posted: 10 July 2017

    This celebration match is looking to replicate the large scale multi-board county and other matches of yesteryear bringing together players from past and present affiliated organisations of the SCCU including juniors.

    It is open to players of all ages and abilities residing in the all time 25 SCCU counties north or south of the river in two combined teams led by Chris Majer (North) and Mike Gunn (South).

    Rate of play: all moves in 125 minutes.

    Light refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.

    See list of players registered to play:

    If you would like to participate in this event, please, register your interest now with your respective team manager stating your chess playing county or county of residence, playing strength and, if U18, your age:

    North Team Manager:  Chris Majer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Counties Guide:  Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Gwent (Monmouthshire), Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Suffolk

    South Team Manager:  Mike Gunn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Counties Guide:   Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire

    Venue:  The Hall School, 23 Crossfield Road, Swiss Cottage, London, NW3 4NU

    Nearest tube stations: Swiss Cottage (4/5 mins walk) or Belsize Park (15 mins walk).  Buses on Finchley Road and surrounding area are also good.  Public transport is advised as on street parking is limited and oversubscribed on a Saturday.

    Safeguarding policy for the event: parental supervision.  Spectating is permissible in the playing hall.

    Further information will appear on a SCCU event web page in due course.  In the meantime any queries should be addressed to Mark Murrell, Tournament Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    AGM - Notice of Change in Venue

    Posted: 07.July.2017

    The committee have been notified that the original venue at the Hall School will not be available and rather than postpone the AGM the venue will change to Green Top Centre, Quakers Course, Lanacre Avenue, Colindale NW9 5WR.

    Contact is being made to all those known to be attending but to be sure that everyone is aware, please, inform anyone whom you think might be attending the meeting as your representative.

    Apologies for the late notice.

    AGM - Election of Non-County Representatives

    Posted: 28.June.2017

    It is likely that more than five Non-County Members will be affiliated to the SCCU in 2017 - 2018.

    In such circumstances General Rule 5 provides that the Non-County Members shall elect five persons as Non-County representatives on the Executive Committee.

    Nominations of persons to serve in this capacity during 2017 - 2018 should be made to SCCU President Julie Denning (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) no later than Saturday 8th July, or at the SCCU Annual General Meeting on Sunday 9th July before 4.00pm. Self-nomination is perfectly acceptable.

    David Sedgwick
    Acting Assistant General Secretary

    Updated FIDE Laws of Chess - Effective 1st July 2017

    Posted: 26.June.2017

    The new version of the Laws of Chess, effective 1st July 2017, are available in the FIDE Handbook.

    The Chess Arbiters' Association have provided the following helpful documents on their website:

    ECF County Championship Finalists

    Posted: 12.June.2017

    With the semi-finals having now been completed, the following teams have made it through to the Final:

    • Open: Yorkshire v Lancashire
    • Minor Counties: Suffolk v Lincolnshire
    • U180: Devon v Middlesex
    • U160: Lancashire v Yorkshire
    • U140: Nottinghamshire v Lancashire
    • U120: Middlesex v Essex
    • U100: Leicestershire v Warwickshire

    In the above list, click on the section name (Open, Minor Counties, etc.) to reveal the results of previous rounds.

    All Finals will take place on 1st July 2017 at Warwick Trident College, Trident Park, Poseidon Way, Warwick CV34 6SW. See Map.

    SCCU Website

    Posted: 05.June.2017

    The SCCU website, - originally set up by Richard Haddrell in 1998, is no longer accessible due to its subscription having finally run out. Being a privately owned site it has not been possible for the SCCU to take over ownership and, therefore, it will soon become extinct. 

    All information that resided on Richard's website has been preserved and made accessible in the Archive on this site.

    Should anyone experience difficulty in accessing the required information or find that a link that does not function correctly, please, inform the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that the error may be rectified.

    ECF County Championship

    Posted: 15.May.2017

    The first round matches of the ECF County Championship have now been played and are reported on the Oxfordfusion Results Service.

    The results of matches involving SCCU County Teams are, as follows:

    • Lancashire beat Middlesex 9.5 - 6.5,
    • Surrey and Kent had byes and are through to the next round.
    Minor Counties:
    • Warwickshire v Middlesex  - not yet reported,
    • Lancashire v Essex - not yet reported,
    • Surrey had a bye and is through to the next round.
    • Kent v Nottinghamshire - not yet reported,
    • Lancashire v Hertfordshire - not yet reported,
    • Worcestershire v Essex - not yet reported.
    • Hertfordshire beat Nottinghamshire 4 - 8,
    • Essex beat Norfolk 3 - 9,
    • Middlesex's match v Warwickshire has not yet been reported.
    • Warwickshire v Kent - not yet reported.
    • Surrey had a bye and is through to the next round.

    Report on the World Senior Team Championship 2017

    Posted: 04.May.2017

    As one event to mark the SCCU’s quasquicentenary (125 years), we entered a self-financed team in this year’s World Senior Team Championship held in Crete from the 24th April to 2nd May.


    The SCCU team facing Latvia Women in round 8.


    The team consisted of the current and past Presidents of the Union, being myself, Mike Gunn and David Howes, all under the guidance of team captain David Sedgwick.

    Recognising that in rating terms we would be the weakest team in the event by a significant margin, we set ourselves two objectives:

        • Enjoy ourselves
        • Avoid humiliation

    The 7.15am departure from Gatwick provided the first challenge, especially for those of us who had been at the ECF Council meeting in Birmingham the day before. We met up at the airport with a number of other players from the “official” England teams, along with a few other familiar names playing under the Bermuda banner. The crew had obviously been tipped off that they had a contingent of chess playing geriatrics aboard and welcomed us during the pre-flight announcements, albeit referring to us generically as “the England team”.

    The venue was the Creta Maris Beach Resort, about a 30 minute drive from the capital, Heraklion. This is a large complex with several swimming pools, as well as direct access to a good beach, and with accommodation largely consisting of rooms in mini-villas scattered over the hillside site – which ensured a certain amount of exercise was had by all.

    The event was split into 50+ and 65+ sections. Our team captain being a youngster barely more than half way to his own quasquicentenary, meant that we were only eligible for the younger section. The tournaments consisted of 9 rounds, with matches played over 4 boards, but teams could include a fifth member, allowing one to be rested each day. As we only had 4 players, we each had to play every day. Teams did not have to play in strict rating order, but having declared a team order at the start of the event, you had to stick to that order, albeit teams of 5 could rest any one with the others moving up a board appropriately.

    There were 22 teams in each section. Adding the 4 of us to the 29 players spread across 6 official England teams, meant that the ECF was the best represented Federation. Including teams from Wales and Scotland in each section, along with our Bermudian friends in the 50+ section, meant that the British contingent dominated the event, at least numerically.

    Whilst we were seeded at the bottom of our section, a bit of skulduggery by the England 1 team – Nigel Short being a last minute substitution – meant they eased themselves into the top seed position. Any doubt we might have had about the strength of the opposition we faced didn’t survive the publication of the pairings for the first round. We were up against the German team of VSG 1880 Offenbach. Only David Howes, on board 4, had an opponent rated (marginally) below 2000, whilst David Sedgwick and I on boards 1 and 2 faced opponents rated above 2200. (It didn’t escape my notice that on board 2 in the bottom match I faced a higher rated opponent than did Nigel Short on board 1 in the top match!) With David Sedgwick achieving a win and myself a draw, we felt this was an excellent start.

    Next we faced Wales and a draw on board 3 saw Mike Gunn off the mark, although the rest of us failed to add to the score line. In round 3 we met Sweden II and David Howes had his first draw, a result I matched on board 2 whilst our captain notched up his second win on board 1; thus a draw overall and a Match Point for SCCU 125. This meant we were elevated off the bottom table for round 4, where we played Oslo. Just a draw by David Sedgwick retained a degree of honour for the team.

    Round 5 had us relegated back to the bottom table, where we remained for the rest of the tournament. We played Bermuda, who were reduced to 3 players due to a very late withdrawal. We suffered a whitewash on the played boards, only the default win on 4 making the score line look a little more respectable. Round 6 has us paired against England III and a 3 – 1 loss, with draws by the 2 Davids.

    By now we had played all the lower-ranked teams and round 7 had us paired against another German team, 12th seeded Rochade Bielefeld Revival, all of whose players were rated above 2000. This was our first complete whitewash. Our penultimate opponents were 14th seeded Latvia Women, who inflicted a similar result upon us as our previous opponents. Finally, we played 16th seeds Sweden I, where once again Mike Gunn put us on the score line with a draw.

    So, overall the team match score was no wins, one draw and 8 losses. Each of us on the lower 3 boards notched up 2 draws, whilst our outstanding player was David Sedgwick with 2 wins and 2 draws.

    The full results can be found on the tournament website ( but I’ll try to summarise the main points. In each section there were bronze, silver and gold trophies for the top 3 teams, and also for women's teams. In addition, there were medals for the best player on each board number (including the 5th player for teams with 5) in each section. In the 65+ section, this was very much a Russian affair, with their players taking all 5 “best board player” medals and the gold trophy. In the 50+ section, England I failed to hold on to their top seed position, coming away with the bronze trophy, but 3 of their players featured amongst the 5 “best board” medal winners. The top placed 50+ team was Saint Petersburg, followed by Armenia in silver trophy position.

    This was a well organised event, with excellent accommodation and good playing conditions. Other than the final round, matches didn’t start till 3pm, allowing time for a couple of morning excursions that were laid on for us, and to confirm that the Aegean in April is warmer that the waters around the UK at any time of the year.

    The first excursion was to the excavated site of the ancient Palace of Knossos. During the conducted tour it took us about half an hour to realise one of our team had got separated from the group! (Well, what are friends for?)

    The second excursion was to the Island of Spinalonga, located in the largely enclosed bay of Elounda. This tiny island had been heavily fortified over the ages, then served as a leper colony as late as 1957. A beautiful area and very much the centre of the upper echelon of the Cretan tourist industry. For those with a long enough memory to be eligible to have entered this tournament, this was the setting for the 1977 BBC drama serial Who Pays the Ferryman.

    The Verdict:

        • enjoy ourselves: achieved
        • Avoid humiliation: achieved

    Finally, a big thank you to David Sedgwick for suggesting that we take part, for organising our entry and for leading us throughout the event.

    Next year the championships return to the 2016 venue of Radebeul, near Dresden in Germany, running from 30th June till the 8th July. Might there be an SCCU 126 team?

    Julie Denning
    SCCU President

    125th Anniversary Chess Match - Saturday 16th September 2017

    Posted: 08.Mar.2017

    Plans are being made to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Southern Counties Chess Union with an epic chess match between two teams representing "North of the River" and "South of the River" managed respectively by Chris Majer and Mike Gunn.

    Currently, the match is envisaged to take place in London and played over 63 boards with a standard play move rate.

    Teams shall comprise players of all ages and playing standard and invitations will be extended to players across all current and former affiliated counties of the SCCU.

     Further details will be released as they become known.

    Thanet Chess Congress - Friday 18th to Sunday 20th August 2017

    Venue: Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2WA.

    Five-round swiss tournament:

        • Open,
        • Challengers (170 & under),
        • Major (150 & under),
        • Intermediate (130 & under),
        • Minor (110 & under)

    Download: Entry Form

    Congress Website:

    ECF County Championship - The Draw is Out

    posted: 30.Mar.2017

    The draw for the ECF County Championships was made last night and is published on the ECF website. See ECF Draw.

    County Championship - Final League Tables

    Last updated: 29.Mar.2017

    The winners in all divisions of the SCCU County Team Championship are now known.

    The draw for the ECF County Team Championship is expected to be published by Saturday 1st April and the Grand Final will take place at Warwick on Saturday 1st July. See ECF Competition Rules for further details.

    In the Tables below, which supersede those output by the CLM software, tiebreaks have been applied in accordance with the SCCU County Match Rules. The CLM software accurately shows the results of games and Match Points scored but is unable to correctly apply the SCCU tiebreaks rules.

    Teams that finish on equal Match Points are ranked according to tiebreaks MP1 and MP2, which indicate the Match Points scored between themselves.

    In the comments column, Q indicates that a team has qualified to the ECF County Championship and N indicates a team nominated to take up a vacant place.

    SCCU Open: Shannon
    Pos Team P W D L MP MP1 MP2 GP  Comments
    1 Kent 4 4 0 0 4.0 - - 51.5 Q - Open Champions
    2 Surrey 4 2 0 2 2.0 1.0 - 32.5 Q
    3 Middlesex 4 2 0 2 2.0 0.0 - 33.0 Q
    4 Essex 4 1 0 3 1.0 - 1.0 30.0 N - ECF Minor Counties
    5 Sussex 4 1 0 3 1.0 - 0.0 23.0  


    SCCU U180: Montague Jones
    Pos Team P W D L MP GP Comments
    1 Surrey 6 4 1 1 4.5 50.0 Q - U180 Champions
    2 Essex 6 4 0 2 4.0 58.5 Q
    3 Middlesex 6 3 1 2 3.5 51.5 N
    4 Sussex 6 0 0 6 0.0 30.0  


    SCCU U160: Amboyna
    Pos Team P W D L MP MP1 GP  Comments
    1 Essex 4 3 0 1 3.0 - 32.5 Q - U160 Champions
    2 Middlesex 4 2 0 2 2.0 2.0 34.0 Q
    3 Sussex 4 2 0 2 2.0 1.0 31.0 Q
    4 Surrey 4 2 0 2 2.0 0.0 33.5  
    5 Kent 4 1 0 3 1.0 - 29.0  


    SCCU U140: Ebony
    Pos Team P W D L MP GP  
    1 Kent 5 4 0 1 4.0 45.5 Q - U140 Champions
    2 Essex 5 3 1 1 3.5 45.0 Q
    3 Hertfordshire 5 3 0 2 3.0 39.0 Q
    4 Surrey 5 2 1 2 2.5 43.5  
    5 Middlesex 5 2 0 3 2.0 36.5  
    6 Sussex 5 0 0 5 0.0 28.5  


    SCCU U120: Harry Woolverton
    Pos Team P W D L MP MP1 MP2 GP  Comments
    1 Middlesex 4 3 0 1 3.0 1.0 - 26.0 Q - U120 Champions
    2 Essex 4 3 0 1 3.0 0.0 - 25.0 Q
    3 Kent 4 1 1 2 1.5 - 1.0 22.5 Q - Declined qualification place
    4 Hertfordshire 4 1 1 2 1.5 - 0.0 24.5 N - Nominated
    5 Surrey 4 0 2 2 1.0 - - 22.0  


    SCCU U100: David Smith
    Pos Team P W D L MP GP  Comments
    1 Surrey 4 2 1 1 2.5 28.5 Q - U100 Champions
    2 Kent 4 2 0 2 2.0 20.5 Q
    3 Essex 4 1 1 0 1.0 23.0  



    P, W, D, L indicate number of matches Played, Won, Drawn, Lost. 

    GP = Game Points, where Win= 1 point, Draw= 0.5 point, Loss= 0 point.

    MP = Match Points, where Win= 1 point, Draw= 0.5 point, Loss= 0 point.

    Q = Qualified to ECF County Team Championship (i.e. ECF National Stages)


    Weald Chess Congress

    Posted: 20.Feb.2017

    The 11th Weald Congress, incorporating the SCCU Individual Championship, will take place at Copthorne Prep School on 15th-16th July 2017.

    5 round Swiss in 4 sections - Open, Major (U175), Intermediate (U140), and Minor (U110)

    £1750 prize fund; Spacious playing conditions; Ample car parking; BBQ

    The Sports Centre, Copthorne Prep School, Effingham Lane, Copthorne, West Sussex RH10 3HR


    Download Entry Form: WealdCongress2017.pdf


    County Championship - U140 Middlesex v Essex Postponed

    Posted: 25.Jan. 2017 (originally 22.Jan. 2017).

    Owing to planned rail engineering works disrupting travel, yesterday's match was postponed by agreement of both match captains. The new date of the fixture is Saturday 4th February.

    County Championship - U180 Sussex v Middlesex Update

    Posted: 18.Jan. 2017 (originally 12.Jan.2017).

    The difficulty over the loss of the Sussex home venue on 21st January has been resolved by the two captains agreeing to reverse the scheduled home and away fixtures. The revised fixtures are:

    21st January U180 Middlesex v Sussex

    11th March U180 Sussex v Middlesex

    County Championship - U120 Herts v Middlesex Rescheduled

    Posted: 10.Jan.2017.

    The U120 match Herts v Middlesex has been rescheduled for 18th March 2017 due to non availability of the venue on 25th February.

    Hastings International 2016/17

    Posted: 06.Jan 2017

    Hastings Congress took place at Horntye Sports Centre, Hasting, from 28th December 2016 to 5th January 2017.

    Masters (99 players)
    1st GM Deep Sengupta (Ind), 7/9; 2nd - 6th IM Miklos Galyas (Hun), IM R Pragggnanandhaa (Ind), GM Bogdan Lalic (Cro), IM Arghyadip Das (Ind), FM Ravi Haria (Eng), 6.5/9; 7th - 12th GM S.P. Sethuraman (Ind), GM Alexandr Fier (Bra), GM Benjamin Gledura (Hun), GM Murali Karthikeyan (Ind), GM Allan Stig Rasmussen (Den), IM Justin Tan (Aus), 6/9

    Below are links to the full results on the Swiss Manager results service (
    Masters Christmas A  -  Christmas B  -  Christmas C  -  Christmas D
    Weekend Major  -  Weekend Minor  -  Weekend U120
    New Year Morning A  -  New Year Morning B  -  New Year Morning C
    New Year Afternoon A  -  New Year Afternoon B
    Pairs Blitz  -  Chess 960 Blitz  -  Blitz

    Congress website:

    Photos by Brendan O'Gorman: Hastings 201

    Open Fixture Update & Kent Home Matches

    Posted: 24.Oct.2016.

    The Open match, Essex v Sussex, has moved from 5th November to 11th February to avoid expected travel disruption on Southern Rail.

    Kent: home matches at St Anselms will start at 1.00pm and finish at 6.00pm.

    SCCU Archive

    Posted: 21.Oct.2016.

    This website ( was originally set up solely to manage and report on the SCCU County Championship but since the County Match Controller has now acquired the duties of SCCU webmaster it is natural that these pages should expand to report on all SCCU activities.

    The change will be progressive but the first step is to preserve Richard's magnum opus (website in its entirety and original form as SCCU Archive on this website. All hyperlinks on the archive pages should function correctly.

    John Philpott

    Posted: 16.Oct.2016.

    The death of the former SCCU President, John Philpott, has been announced.  Few details are known at this stage, but it is understood that John collapsed and died at home on Mersea Island.  Although he served us well in Union matters over many years, John will be remembered mostly for his tremendous service to the ECF where he remained Company Secretary, Financial Controller and Voting Register Officer - and purveyor of authority, experience and sound advice.  John wasn't so much an individual as an institution. 

    Richard Haddrell Funeral Arrangements

    Posted: 16.Oct.2016.

    The funeral arrangements for Richard Haddrell have been announced (see Richard Haddrell funeral). It is taking place on the afternoon of Thursday 3rd November at Tunbridge Wells Crematorium.

    Richard Haddrell

    Posted: 02.Oct.2016.

    The death of the SCCU Deputy President, Richard Haddrell, has been announced.  Richard passed away on 30th September following a period of deteriorating health stoically borne. 

    Richard has been a tremendous servant of English chess locally, in his home County of Kent, regionally, through this Union, and nationally with the ECF.  Reference to the Who was Who page bears testament to the range and length of his contribution to the SCCU, of which the creation and maintenance of this website has been just one part.

    Nationally, his contributions were recognised with an ECF President's Award for Services to Chess in 1994 and at the ECF AGM later this month, there is a proposal that ECF Council approve the conferring of the title of Honorary Life Vice-President of the Federation on Richard.

    Funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.

    Chess League Manager

    Posted: 05.Aug.2016.

    This website is built using Joomla! and Chess League Manager. Here, I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Martin Blasczyk, webmaster -  Merseyside Chess Association, who first drew my attention to the CLM and advised on its installation and use.