This collection is a complete copy of the original SCCU website,, that Richard Haddrell had created and maintained in his multiple roles as General Secretary, Bulletin Editor and Webmaster.

The structure and page formatting of the original website has been retained. On some pages special print characters (½, £, ", etc) may display incorrectly as �.

Bulletin has now been digitised and has been added as separate entry.

 1. The Permanent Archive

     SCCU History.  Not very complete, but we'll come back to it one day.
     Who was Who?  Former Officers of the Union
     SCCU Team Champions (Adult)
     SCCU Team Champions (Junior)
     SCCU Trophies: a potted history
     Open Forum
     Rag Bag


2. The Website Archive

Old stuff, like last season's results, which doesn't qualify as Permanent but will stay there as long as it's getting in nobody's way. The Site's attic space is huge. Nothing has been thrown out so far, and there's room for a few years yet.
     Website 2015-16
     Website 2014-15
     Website 2013-14
     Website 2012-13
     Website 2011-12
     Website 2010-11
     Website 2009-10
     Website 2008-09
     Website 2007-08
     Website 2006-07
     Website 2005-06
     Website 2004-05
     Website 2003-04
     Website 2002-03
     Website 2001-02
     Website 2000-01
     Website 1999-00
     Website 1998-99