The collection is mostly complete, except in the years 1963 to 1977 where there are a number of gaps in the numbering sequence. Mostly, these gaps correspond to the September issue, which contained the SCCU Grading List.

In the table below the entries for 'missing' items are shown in plain text with 'issue number' instead of 'month of issue' as the code suffix (e.g. 1963-35).

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SCCU News Bulletin - Dates of Issue
1 1958-Oct 1958-Nov 1958-Dec 1959-Jan 1959-Feb 1959-Mar 1959-Apr 1959-May
2 1959-Oct 1959-Nov 1960-Mar 1960-May 1960-Jul      
3 1960-Oct 1960-Nov 1960-Dec 1961-Jan 1961-Feb 1961-Mar 1961-Apr 1961-Jun
4 1961-Oct 1961-Dec 1962-Feb 1962-Mar 1962-Apr 1962-May    
5 1962-Oct 1962-Nov 1962-Dec 1963-Jan 1963-Summer 1963-Junior-Supplement 1963-Sep 1963-Sep-Grading-List
6 1963-35 1963-Nov 1963-Dec 1964-Jan 1964-Feb 1964-Apr 1964-Jun  
7 1964-Oct 1964-Nov 1964-Dec 1965-Jan 1965-Feb 1965-Mar    
8 1965-Sep 1965-Nov 1966-Jan 1966-Mar 1966-Jun 1966-Aug    
9 1966-Oct 1966-Nov 1967-Jan 1967-Mar 1967-Apr 1967-Jun    
10 1967-59 1967-60 1968-61 1968-Mar 1968-Aug      
11 1968-64 1968-Nov 1969-Feb 1969-Mar 1969-Sep      
12 1969-69 1969-Nov 1970-Jan 1970-Feb 1970-May 1970-Jul    
14 1970-75 1970-Oct 1970-Dec 1971-Jan 1971-Mar 1971-May 1971-Jul  
15 1971-82 1971-Nov 1972-Jan 1972-Mar 1972-Apr 1972-Jun    
16 1972-88 1972-Nov 1972-Dec 1973-Jan 1973-Mar 1973-Jun    
17 1973-Nov 1973-Dec 1974-Mar 1974-Apr 1974-Jun      
18 1974-99 1974-Nov 1975-Jan 1975-Mar 1975-Apr 1975-Jun    
19 1975-105 1975-Nov 1975-Dec 1976-Mar 1976-Apr 1976-Jul    
20 1976-111 1976-Nov 1977-Jan 1977-Mar 1977-Apr 1977-115 1977-116  
21 1977-117 1977-Nov 1978-Jan 1978-Mar 1978-May 1978-Jul