Ungraded Players

The following players are cleared to play in grade-limited league competitions appropriate to their playing strength as determined by the County Match Controller (County Match Rule 5(c)).

Penalties - "For each ineligible player in a match the penalty shall be the loss of such player’s game, and the deduction of one penalty point from the resulting total of game points scored by the County in that match."

25-Oct-21 Kent Hart, George 343221L 1635 club estimate
25-Oct-21 Kent Sutton, Marc 343226K 1457 club estimate
25-Oct-21 Kent Ryan, Ash 343224F 1585 club estimate
25-Oct-21 Kent Arnold, Paul 290712E 1585 Aug 2021 list
25-Oct-21 Kent Parrish, Oliver 327989D 1000 ECF Summer County Challenge
28-Oct-21 Kent Dirmauskas, Lindon J  none 1300 Kent League
30-Oct-21 Kent Raj, Avisha 341547J 1363 online rating
30-Oct-21 Kent Gaekwad, Satish 318673J 1150 Kent League
30-Oct-21 Kent Hall, Conrad 342536J 1300 club estimate
31-Oct-21 Essex Smith, Luke 343382B 1100 club estimate
01-Nov-21 Essex Hatilov, Pavel 343702E 1700 club estimate
01-Nov-21 Essex Bar-Tal, Shir 340991A 1338 FID 2816130 Jun-21
01-Nov-21 Essex Williams, Frank 324138F 918 Online Rapid
03-Nov-21 Essex Brunger, Myles 323351A 1189 Rapid Oct-21 List
03-Nov-21 Surrey Garrood, Tony 331217D 1514 club estimate
05-Nov-21 Kent Somerside, Esme 298604J 1300 club estimate
05-Nov-21 Middlesex Malia, Rakesh  none 1000 club estimate
05-Nov-21 Middlesex Muralidharan, Akshat  none 1000 club estimate
06-Nov-21 Surrey Soriano, Pablo 342792E 1800 online lichess
09-Nov-21 Middlesex Chivers, Aiden 276464H 1503 club estimate
11-Nov-21 Essex Swead, Joshua 343669L 1550 club estimate
11-Nov-21 Middlesex Jugran, Ishaan 330530C 1400 club estimate
21-Nov-21 Surrey Armiger, Paul 297419J 1616 club estimate
28-Nov-21 Surrey Audi, Vikranth 343486C 1700  
28-Nov-21 Surrey Carpenter, David 341124C 1658  
28-Nov-21 Surrey Carlos Moreno Serrano 341874B 1505  
02-Dec-21 Essex Parker, Robert 278346A 1705 Essex league
09-Jan-22 Kent Padovan, Rudy 330584D 1800  
16-Jan-22 Essex Nigrelli , Vittorio 345059E 1745  
17-Jan-22 Essex Goodliffe, Ralph 271186C 1200  
17-Jan-22 Essex Abedin, Farhan 344378E 1200  
17-Jan-22 Surrey Shah, Meet 340051H 1756  
17-Jan-22 Surrey Sutton, Darren 253275L 1492  
17-Jan-22 Surrey Sutton, Soloman 330975H 799  
21-Jan-22 Kent Neri, Marco 320259J 1263  
22-Jan-22 Kent Cox, Charles 344241L 1825  
22-Jan-22 Kent Terry, Kai 344910F 1550  
25-Jan-22 Essex Garwood, Matt 340157B 1600  
04-Feb-22 Essex Lawrence, Drew 345397C 1300  
04-Feb-22 Essex Gannon, Harvey 345427H 1250  
12-Feb-22 Kent Hayes, Callum 275530A 1600