Ungraded Players

The following players are cleared to play in grade-limited league competitions appropriate to their playing strength as determined by the County Match Controller (County Match Rule 5(c)).

Penalties - "For each ineligible player in a match the penalty shall be the loss of such player’s game, and the deduction of one penalty point from the resulting total of game points scored by the County in that match."




ECF Code

Estimated Grade


 05-Aug-19  Surrey  Crosswell, Neil 269753B 137  119E (Jan 2020)
 05-Aug-19  Surrey  Anvarinaeini, Alirez  286911B 179  163F (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Surrey  Durrant, Adam  226557G 169  169E (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Sandu, Silvi  326970L  85  Thurrock
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Akinyosoye, Banky  327054D 85  100D (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Baig, Huzaifa  323133B  44  66D (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Omoruyi, Alyssa  318921B 26  14E (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Mangaiaram, Mredul  323200B 26  Thurrock
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Sadhasivam, Mangalaram   327439B 70  114F (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Karanam, Syam Prasad  323458H  114  114D (Jan 2020)
 10-Oct-19  Essex  Karanam, Guha Saran  305776J 46  57D (Jan 2020)
 13-Oct-19  Essex  Vasistha, Sunil  327299A  115  86E (Jan 2020)
 02-Nov-19  Surrey  Chopra, Tamnay  328372A  184  225D (Jan 2020)
 02-Nov-19  Surrey  Chopra, Manmay  328371K 85  154E (Jan 2020)
 07-Nov-19  Surrey  Çelebi, Serhan  327967E    No OTB games. Online Blitz 1550
 06-Dec-19  Surrey  Seyfried, Donald  153644J 135  127F (Jan 2020)
 29-Dec-19  Herts  Nicholson, Davis  327333H 100  95F (Jan 2020)
 29-Dec-19  Herts  Stringer, Joseph  329316G 115  127F (Jan 2020)
 29-Dec-19  Herts  Grzegorzewski,
 320056F 110  122F (Jan 2020)
16-Jan-20  Essex  Harris, Dai  329829C 125  Hackney club estimate
14-Feb-20 Essex Singh, Inder Veer  328241H 120 Wanstead